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Library for Minorities and Underrepresented Youth

Library for Minorities and Underrepresented Youth

On the street corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and South Juneau Street in South
Seattle, lie a group of diverse people and a small Islamic school. The school serves
approximately 300 students whose families are minorities and refugees with
optimism for the future.

In the summer of 2016, I had an idea and wanted to serve my community to create a
library for children and young adults.

I identified that a critical issue at this school is a lack of resources, which mirrors the
reality of South Seattle in general. Lack of resources, especially for education, have
led to many barriers for the students developing their interests, ambitions, and goals.

The students love the library and enjoy reading, and this has deeply impacted their
education. Most of our students have been raised in a multilingual environment where
English is not their first language. Living in the U.S. where English is the dominant
language, it is important to prepare our students. The impact of having this library is
that the students are more excited about knowledge. It expands their minds to the
worlds of the past, their culture and allows them to discover ways to express their

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