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The Student Serving Washington Awards is a program brought to you by Washington Campus Compact to promote, encourage, and recognize students tackling critical issues in our communities, state, nation and world. Read more…

Critical Issue Areas

Our communities, state, nation, and world face challenging issues. The Students Serving Washington Awards will recognize and reward outstanding student service leaders and student entrepreneurs who are tackling these critical issues head on through innovation and a commitment to service. You can read more about the critical issue areas here.

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Economic Development img1 blue - Home
Economic Development

Issues that address Economic Development.

• Economic Development
• Social Entrepreneurship
• Alternative Business Models
• Economic Growth
• Micro-financing
• Technological Innovation
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Issues in Sustainability

• Environment
• Pollution
• Remediation
• Conservation
• Resiliency
• Consumption
• Scarcity
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Issues in Education

• K-12 Education
• Technical and Vocational training
• Internships or Apprenticeships
• Access, Persistence, and Completion
• Mentors
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Global Leadership1 - Home
Global Leadership

Issues in Global Leadership

• International Service-Learning
• Any of the other critical issues addressed globally or internationally
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Health and Safety

Issues in Health and Safety

• Medicine
• Health Delivery
• Health Care Systems
• Food Security
• Public Safety
• Law Enforcement
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DiversitySocial Justice icon - Home
Diversity & Social Justice

Issues in Diversity & Social Justice

• Culture
• Social Justice
• Diversity
• Community Relations
• Identity
• Gender