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The Outstanding Service Award will recognize students at Washington Campus Compact member institutions who are engaged in current service projects addressing the critical issue areas.

Student service leaders submit an online application form consisting of project details, stories, photos and videos. Students are encouraged to utilize social media to promote and highlight their work. In addition to the online application, students are asked to submit a letter of recommendation from faculty or administrators from their higher education institution, or community-based organizations where the students serve. Parents, classmates and other community members are invited to participate in the process, either by volunteering in the service project, or by voting for their favorite service project through social media. A Selection Committee of statewide policy, nonprofit, business, and community leaders will select the award winners from the pool of applicants. The award will recognize one student from a two-year institution and one student from a four-year institution. Additionally, the student’s institution and community partner will receive recognition and an award as well.

Award Details: Outstanding Service Award winners will receive a $7,500 award divided equally between the students, their institution, and community partner for current service projects addressing critical issues in Washington.

Application Deadline: April 3, 2017

Outstanding Service Award Selection Criteria